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Prior to their love of Android, HTC were, and perhaps still are, smitten with Microsoft Windows Mobile. Many of their phones in the past ran Windows because it offered excellent integration with the desktop PC and provided Microsoft Exchange support for business clients. Indeed, one of HTC’s original market was PDAs and business users. Things have moved on since then and as we all know, HTC have started producing a number of Android devices. However, if you owned a WinMo device from HTC you might be feeling slightly left out.

Not to fear. A programmer going by the name of [Slm4996] has been hard at work, and thanks to their efforts, you can now run Android 2.1 on the HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T tilt), Vogue, Niki, and Polaris. In terms of functionality, the camera and the Bluetooth radio are not currently working. However, there is a bug-tracker built into the firmware to help catch and report bugs back to the ROM chief. If you are intrigued you can try this out without having to wipe you whole phone and potentially ‘brick’ it. You will need a tidy little piece of software called HaRET.

[Via Hack a day]

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