eclairThe Android Developers Blog has announced that the new version of the Android SDK now supports Android 2.0, the “Eclair” OS that is running on the much-hyped Motorola DROID that is set to launch soon.

Among the changes is new and broader support for synchronizing an Android device with other services.  This will allow developers to build apps to easily sync with other services, like social networks and what appears to be built-in Microsoft Exchange support.  A new “quick contact” widget provides users with quick access to calling, emailing, or texting a contact just by tapping on the contact’s image, and there is also a new combined inbox feature that can list messages from multiple sources – just like the Universal Inbox that is found on Motorola’s MOTOBLUR system.

Other messaging tweaks include the ability to search through text and picture messages and the ability for the system to automatically remove older messages to make room for new ones, if desired.

The camera app gets support for flash and digital zoom, as well as scene modes, white balance settings, color effects, and a macro focus mode capability.  The on-screen virtual keyboard got tweaked, too, and Google claims it will offer improved accuracy and will automatically add contact names to the prediction dictionary.

The new browser supports advanced HTML5 features, like client-side database queries using SQL, and now offers double-tap zooming and bookmarks with thumbnails.  The calendar has a new and improved agenda view and improved attendee functions.

You’ll find an official Android video demonstrating the new features found in Android 2.0 as well as some screenshots after the jump.