cg6cj3gg_27dwqdx2gx_bIf you hadn’t noticed in our prior post that featured all of the new features in Android 1.5,  the guys at the official Google Mobile Blog are writing about the additional functionality offered by Android 1.5, such as allowing you to record and easily upload videos from your mobile device to YouTube. In addition to this, there are also updates supporting Picasa Web Albums, which allow you to upload photos directly, and also updates for Gmail, which now offers multiple-thread selection to easily archive, delete, label, or mute several threads at once. Finally, Google have improved their speech recognition facilities helping you find the things you need more quickly.

The key feature that we really like is the ability to share a video via YouTube. It’s a piece of cake to use as well; just tap share after recording a video and away you go. The usual YouTube features are there, offering you the option to limit who can see your uploaded videos, too.

The Picasa updates effectively reduce the number of clicks you need to make before you upload and share your pictures with others. Similarly, Gmail has been streamlined as well, reducing the number of taps you have to make to do batch actions to your email inbox. The cherry comes in the form of search via voice. As speech recognition technology improves, we think that this could be a really useful feature for Android.