Brian White, an analyst for Topeka Capital, is reporting some unfortunate news for Microsoft’s investors and supporters. After a recent trip to Asia to meet with various supply chains, he reported that the mood is pretty bleak ahead of the grand launch of Windows 8..

According to White, Windows 8 is experiencing a primarily negative anticipation. While Microsoft is excited to push ahead with it’s desktop and mobile operating systems, the support from their suppliers is rather dim. The Windows 8 launch is currently scheduled for October 26, so bad news at this point could spell disaster for Microsoft.

Microsoft has certainly attempted to revive a seemingly stagnant market by making a strong push for Windows 8 notebooks. While this will certainly help the launch of Windows 8 due to the fact the notebooks are becoming overwhelmingly popular, the excitement is expected to die off by the end of the year. In fact, analysts are predicting that Windows 8 won’t achieve mainstream popularity until the second half of 2013.

White also reports that the excitement around the Ultrabook seems to be dwindling. This is undoubtedly due to the high cost of meeting Intel’s specifications. As a result, the PC industry is expected to experience a very quiet quarter.

With Dell claiming 50% of the PC market and HP claiming 29%, there isn’t a whole lot of room for diversity. Perhaps a major factor contributing to the lack of excitement towards Windows 8 is how popular Windows 7 currently is. As we have seen with Windows XP, it can be rather difficult to tear users away from a stable and familiar operating system.

By extension, the lackluster popularity of Windows 8 for PC might affect the evolution of the operating system on mobile platforms. Microsoft and its partners are betting that a strong Windows 8 performance on the PC would steer more users towards their tablets and smartphones. But that might be just wishful thinking, if reports turn out accurate.

Brendan Lynch
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