What would men be without women? It is a simple fact that women have been ignored when it comes to Android smartphones  – design-wise With this in mind, HTC and Verizon have teamed up to create what they hope is an appealing Android smartphone geared especially for women. It looks to have the potential and the design to appeal to women.

Verizon and HTC have taken this into consideration and are alleged to be testing a new smartphone that will target women between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. As of this moment, the smartphone is known under the name of “Bliss” and is supposed to come to Verizon before the year ends.

Check out the dummy images of what the smartphone is supposed to look like. The HTC Bliss will have a softer color hue, offer various preloaded calorie counting apps and even shopping comparison apps such as the ShopSavvy, a wireless speaker dock, a rubbery back for women to have an easier grip on the device and a LED charm that will light up whenever there is an incoming call, text messages and also make it easier to pull the phone from the tight jeans that females that many women wear these days. Despite all of this sounding highly sexist, we think they are on to something.

I am pretty sure that women will love the HTC Bliss. As it stands we have no idea when this particular female-friendly smartphone will come into reality. For now, this is all just news. This idea from HTC and Verizon somehow makes sense. But if I were them, I would create a smartphone that would target both men and women.

To every woman out there, how is this sounding so far?

Source: ThisIsMyNext