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Ampy charges your smartphone through your own kinetic energy

Kickstarter project Ampy can charge your smartphone by storing kinetic energy from your daily walking and exercise routines.
October 13, 2014

Poor battery life is unfortunately still a concern for many smartphone owners, with some handsets unable to last a full day in the hands of a power user. Ampy, a new Kickstarter project, aims to solve this issue without the hassle of remembering to charge up your battery pack. Instead, it stores kinetic energy from your daily walking and exercise routines.

The little pack connects up to your smartphone like any other battery accessory, but generates its own store of power from your movements. Ampy’s 1000mAh cell can be charged up through walking, 10,000 steps is apparently quite average for a single day, a 30 minute run, or a hour long bike ride. From this exercise, Ampy can keep a typical smartphone powered up for 3 hours, a smartwatch for an extra 24 hours, and can keep a fitness tracker juiced up for 3 whole days. Not bad for something that you don’t have to connect to the mains, although you can still charge it from the wall via a micro-USB connection if you’re feeling lazy.

Ampy charging figures

Alongside the charging pack, Ampy comes with an app that tracks the calories you’ve burnt off and the power generated from your exercise. Ampy also offers a small accessories kit, which consists of an arm band, clip, and sleeve to keep the pack in place whilst you’re on the move.

In the future, Ampy hopes that its kinetic technology can be built into smartwatches and other wearables to help power them without the need to charge from a mains supply.

Ampy kinetic charging

Ampy will cost $95 when it starts shipping next June. The Kickstarter project has already surpassed its funding goal of $100,000, but backers can still grab their Ampy at a slightly discounted price.