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AMOLED phone panel costs could drop below LCD within 2 years

According to a new report, AMOLED display panel costs could drop below that of LCD displays in as little as 2 years.
July 17, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5

It’s no secret that Samsung tends to prefer AMOLED displays over TFT LCD, particularly on its higher-end smartphones and, more recently, on select high-end tablets. Outside of Samsung, we’ve seen other manufacturers turn to the technology as well, including Motorola with the Moto X.

The biggest advantage to AMOLED is that it provides more vibrant colors and blacker blacks, though the actual differences between the two technologies are a bit more complicated than that. Probably one of the biggest disadvantages is that AMOLED displays tend to be more expensive than LCD, simply because of production challenges that have kept AMOLED yields low.


Right now manufacturing prices of AMOLED displays are 10-20% more than comparable LCD panels, but the good news for AMOLED fans is that this situation may soon change. As production yields improve, NPD DisplaySearch claims that the costs of AMOLED displays could fall below than of LCD mobile phone displays within as little as two years.

[quote qtext=”Until recently there have been few breakthroughs in the production of AMOLED displays, and the OLED industry seemed to be facing hard times. If AMOLED costs fall below LCDs, as expected, it would lead to more opportunities for the OLED display industry, greater competition with LCD, and more choices for consumers. ” qperson=”Jimmy Kim” qsource=”DisplaySearch” qposition=”center”]

So what does this mean for the industry, and for consumers? As DisplaySearch puts it, for the OLED industry it means they will be able to better compete with LCD. Meanwhile the lowering of AMOLED costs could led more manufacturers to offer devices equipped with this alternative display technology, giving consumers even more options.

What do you think, do you prefer AMOLED technology or would you rather stick to devices packing TFT LCD screens?