Sony’s latest version of the Xperia Concept software for the Xperia X now includes ambient display. The feature can be enabled in the display settings so that your screen will temporarily light up whenever new notifications come in. The update also includes a few other features.

After the update, the camera on the Xperia X will have a fixed brightness, irrespective of the screen’s current brightness. Sony also fixed a Bluetooth audio issue when using “OK Google” commands and corrected the tinted display problem some users experienced on the last build. A fix for the notification LED (which was failing to light up when a call was missed) is also included.

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Source: Xperia Blog

The software version is 38.3.A.0.94 and the file is about 40 MB. It’s still Android 7.1.1 and includes the January security patch. This is actually a little odd, considering Sony released the February security patch on the first day of the month, before even Google pushed it out. That update was for the Xperia X family, excluding the Xperia XA, so it’s strange the same security patch couldn’t be included here.

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