In the wee hours of the morning, something happened that a lot of us had been waiting for.  The Amazon Appstore has finally opened.  If that wasn’t big enough, if you sign in today you can also receive “Angry Birds Rio” for free. Amazon has stated that they will offer one paid app every day, for free.  Sounds like a great deal to me and who doesn’t like free stuff?

All apps will be tested before being released into Amazon’s App Store, to ensure that they work and are free of any malicious code.  Amazon will also let users test-drive an app before they are downloaded, as well as offer recommendations to customers on apps they may enjoy. They are certainly off to a good start, but will face stiff competition from Google, as well as dealing with the pending lawsuit from Apple over the “App store” trademark.

You have to download Amazon’s AppStore app, but once you get it installed you’re good to go.  I did it this morning and received my free copy of Angry Birds Rio with no problems.  If your interested, you should head on over to Amazon and check it out. It may be a sad day for Google, but Amazon has made a lot of Android fans happy.

Amazon App Store