Winter might not exactly be a prime time for traveling, but whether you’ll heading to the big game this weekend or simply planning a winter trip, the Amazon AppStore is offering six premium travel apps for free as part of its Getaway Essentials Bundle.

According to Amazon, the total worth of the package is $27.85, and includes the following:

The fist three apps are all about tracking the weather or receiving alerts if snow/rain is coming your way. Travel Interpreter is obviously geared towards those of us traveling abroad and includes more than 2000 phrases/words for each of the languages the app covers, which includes Spanish, French, Germany and many others.

Finally, the last two apps are designed to provide you maps and directions during your travel. Best of all, both map apps include offline modes.

So what’s the catch here? Nothing other than the offer is only for today and you’ll need to download the Amazon AppStore. For more details on the individual apps or to download them, click on the separate app links above.