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Is Amazon trapping Fire smartphone users in their ecosystem?

Amazon has 'trapped' customers into their Amazon ecosystem.
August 15, 2014
Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire smartphone has gotten off to quite a rocky start with average reviews across the board. One reason for the reviews was due to Amazon’s insistence that the phone “tie consumers tighter to its ecosystem.”

Now, a Consumer Reports review wonders whether Amazon has ‘trapped’ customers of the Fire smartphone into the Amazon ecosystem while failing to measure up against to competitors.

On CNBC’s “Power Lunch”, Consumer Reports editor, Mike Gikas, mentioned that while the Amazon Fire phone allows people to get everything out of Amazon, users are still “trapped in Amazon’s retail world.”

“What happens with the Fire is that it’s locked out of Google’s Play app store, which prevents people from downloading very popular Google apps” like Gmail, Google Maps and the search tool Google Now. These apps work together in a very interesting and compelling way that a lot of people like.” – Mike Gikas, Consumer Reports

The idea of the Fire phone ‘trapping’ users is not exactly new. As CNET noted in their review, the “Fire Phone delivers a less extensive app store….and…(the) lack of Google services will alienate anyone who expects the flexibility of a modern Android phone.”