Amazon’s CEO would not spill the beans. “Stay tuned,” he said, for further updates about Amazon’s plans to create its own Android tablet–if any is in the works at all. Amazon’s chief, Jeff Bezos, was heard earlier this month saying that if ever Amazon were to introduce its own Android tablet, it will definitely not be a replacement for Amazon’s Kindle eBook readers. Bezos assured everyone that Amazon “will want a dedicated reading device.”

Amazon will surely stick to its guns as far as Kindle is concerned. But, just because they’re keeping Kindle doesn’t mean Amazon can’t make inroads in the Android tablets market. Tech blog Boy Genius Report (BGR) has been tipped off about Amazon’s plan to release not just one tablet but two–before 2011 ends.

According to BGR’s Jonathan Geller, the rumor is about Amazon’s plan for an entry-level tablet, codenamed “Coyote,” armed with the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2. The bigger gun, codenamed “Hollywood,” will be heavily loaded with the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 (Kal-El). No light has been shed as of yet regarding the screen sizes, according to Geller.

Arguably, compared to other big players such as Google and Microsoft, Amazon has what it takes to give Steve Jobs a run for his money as far as Apple’s iPad is concerned. Amazon is perfectly poised for a really gruesome strike at Apple–or at any other tablet maker:

  • Amazon has license agreements and partnerships with bigwigs in the film and music industry–just like Apple.
  • Amazon has Kindle and a Kindle app that runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch–and tons of book content to read through Kindle.
  • Amazon already has a self-contained ecosystem perfectly poised to give Apple a heart attack: unlimited instant movies and TV shows (for rent or purchase, can be stored in a cloud-based video library, and can be instantly viewed on TV, Blu-ray device, or set-top box), Amazon Cloud Drive, MP3’s via its music store, Cloud Player, Digital Games and Software, and more.

Android with Amazon smileWith Kindle, Amazon has shown that it can produce a true digital appliance–a device for convenience and for a singular purpose. The Kindle, as a digital appliance, is to reading what the TV is for watching shows; both function quite well and require little or no maintenance. Throw in a few bells and whistles, but both the Kindle and your trusted TV will stick to the original and primary purposes for which they were made. In comparison, many tablet makers produce tablets that are multi-purpose, which in practically all cases, are just slim versions of a desktop PC. Amazon would surely avoid falling into the same trap as other tablet makers.

Computerworld’s Mike Elgan, in fact, presents a very strong case for what hardware appliance Amazon might put on the shelf, right beside Kindle, its only hardware appliance to date. Elgan thinks it’s going to be along the lines of a “Kindle for Movies,” but I still think Amazon can come up with a “Kindle for Music and Movies” or even a “Kindle Ultimate.”

Although tipsters have not been very clear as to what operating system Amazon’s rumored tablets might use, I have a very strong feeling it will be Android. Why–do you think Amazon would launch Amazon Appstore for Android without long-term thinking? As to which flavor of Android, I’m betting it will be Ice Cream Sandwich, with its promise of an OS for all devices great and small. With Ice Cream Sandwich on a Tegra-3-powered Android tablet developed by Amazon, I’m sure the whole world would want to take a bite of that delicious year-end treat.

For Amazon, the [A|a]pple is definitely ripe for the picking. Or is it? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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