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Amazon stops its monthly Amazon Prime subscription test

After just days of running the Amazon Prime monthly subscription tests, Amazon brings its scheme to a halt without disclosing the results of their experiment.
November 18, 2012

After just days of running its Amazon Prime monthly subscription tests, online retailer Amazon has stopped the experimental scheme whose object was to see how customers would respond to the option of a monthly Amazon Prime subscription, rather than an annual rate of $79 per year.

A spokesperson for Amazon revealed that the company has “completed” testing and customers will no longer be able to sign up to the program.

Amazon Prime’s yearly subscription deal is undoubtedly the better financial route for long term customers. However, Amazon has not made it clear whether or not the monthly subscription option was a huge success or a blistering downfall.

The Prime service on Amazon gives its paying customers added advantages to their online retailing services such as unlmited instant streaming of TV shows and movies, unlimited next-day deliveries for all eligible orders, evening and express deliveries at a reduced price and access to over 200,000 e-books with no due return dates.

It’s no mystery as to why so many customers willingly sign up to the yearly deal. With so many premium features it’s hard not to be tempted to pay the extra cash to receive the impressive benefits Amazon has to offer. But will its monthly subscription scheme be enough to lure in more customers? Let us know your opinion below!