Chromecast amazon

Yesterday, a miraculous moment occurred. For most of the day, Amazon opened up the Chromecast order page to accept orders from outside of the US. This allowed consumers from outside of the US to purchase the Chromecast via a reliable and, for the most part, cheaper method than what was available on eBay or similar sites.

This joy was short lived however, as Amazon has now stopped accepting international Chromecast orders. Right now we’re unsure of the status of the orders for those who already made the purchase, as my personal Chromecast order to Australia has shipped already. Unfortunately, for those who couldn’t pull the trigger in time, they must now wait for Google to sell the $35 streaming device via the Google Play Store in their country, or acquire a Chromecast by other means.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment, and will update this article when/if we hear back from them.

Update: Amazon has informed me that an error allowed me to order the¬†Chromecast¬†outside of the US. Amazon warns that outside of the US, “all functionality of the item might not be available” and that “manufacturer’s warranty is void.” Of course, if you’ve already ordered the device, Amazon will still ship the item, and if you’d like to return it, you can do so when you receive the item and get a full refund.


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