Galaxy Note 2

It was only a week ago that we saw Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s price cut to just $140 and now Amazon Wireless has lowered the bar even further. In a good way, of course, because you can get the 5.5-inch “phablet” for 100 bucks.

As usual, there are strings attached to the promo, but there’s no real deal-breaker here. You only need to pen a new two-year Sprint contract, and just like that, you’ll be able to get the GNote 2 at the special $100 price, which is a third of what the carrier charges on its website.

Both the titanium gray and marble white versions qualify for the promo and in either case you’ll get a 16 GB super-phone with Android 4.1, a 1.6 GHz Exynos quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM and S Pen support. Amazon’s price for existing Sprint customers wanting an upgrade or the adding of a line is a bit steeper, but you’re still much better off than dealing with the network directly – $170 vs. $300.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather have your Note 2 activated on Verizon or AT&T, you’ll have to part ways with 150 and 200 bucks respectively (still via Amazon). That’s also for new customers, while upgrades are worth $190 and $240 each. Now, be sure to think things through and make the choice that best fits your needs. We’d go for Sprint anytime on account of the new discount, but that’s just us.