Since the launch of the G1 in the USA, Amazon MP3 has been available for Android to those in the States. However, the rest of the world, including the UK, has been somewhat neglected. This is all about to change. The website belonging to the well respected British Newspaper, ‘The Telegraph’, is reporting that the update to Android 2.1 will also include a copy of the Amazon MP3 application.

It is not yet clear exactly which phones will receive the update to 2.1, but a little thought power might reveal a few (let us know what you think). The launch of Amazon MP3 in the UK will give subscribers to Android access to over 9 million songs. Although Amazon are not as successful as iTunes, they are certainly a rival. As Ronan de Renesse, a senior mobile media analyst with Screen Digest notes; “The launch is quite an interesting prospect in terms of how it could impact iTunes sales. Apple iTunes remains the runaway leader in terms of digital music downloads, but Amazon is also doing fairly well in this area… While the Amazon MP3 store is an asset for Android, it is the minimum that Google could have done to remain competitive and relevant to tech-savvy consumers, and competitive to the strength of iTunes”

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.