Amazon Mayday

We’ve all been there: you’re not sure if your tablet can do something you want it to. Currently, our only recourse is to go online, try to find the answer by digging through some forum, and hope what we found ends up being what we need.

Amazon has changed that. With the new Kindle HDX tablets, users will get a service called “Mayday”, which is on-demand live tech support. Tap the button, and a live tech support specialist will be on your tablet in short order, ready to help you out.

The really great part is, the tech support representative on the other end can’t see you. Those precarious times where you’re not looking your best can stay that way, and you’ll still be able to get the help you need (techs can see what’s on your screen, though, so keep that in mind). The representative can walk you through the steps you need, or remotely take over your tablet and give you a live tutorial.

Mayday has its own dedicated button in the quick settings menu of the HDX tablets, so it’s never out of reach or unavailable. The service is also available 24/7/365, so there is never a time when you’ll be left in the cold.

Mayday is easily the biggest and best feature Amazon has come up with for their Kindle tablets, and a real differentiating point when comparing them to the Nexus or iPad devices. An expert who can help you navigate your new Kindle, as well as Amazon, is a huge plus. Amazon is promising tech help in 15 seconds or less, which beats my best time for Googling a problem by quite a bit.

What do you think of Mayday?

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