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Amazon launching Fire OS 4 with new UI and features, including Firefly

Amazon has announced an update to their Fire OS. Sangria, or Fire OS 4, brings a handful of UI improvements, Firefly and more, check us out for all the particulars.
September 18, 2014
Amazon Fire OS 4 Sangria update

Amazon has announced they are launching an overhaul to their Fire OS. Sangria, as it is codenamed, will be known as Fire OS 4 and it brings a bunch of new features including an UI update and new features like Firefly product identification and Profile support for multi-user applications.

While Amazon has not provided much in way of details for their new OS, they have simultaneously launched a handful of new devices as well, including updated Kindle reader and Kindle Fire HD tablets. We’ll have more on that soon, stay tuned.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids

Along with some visual tweaks in Fire OS 4, Amazon has added in Firefly and Profiles, as mentioned, but also ASAP and Smart Suspend.

Profiles is pretty straightforward, allowing multiple users to log in with their own accounts on the same Amazon Fire OS 4 powered device. Great for a shared family Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Amazon’s new ASAP feature is a feature taken from Fire TV that predicts what you want to watch next and queues it up for you to start watching as soon as your current media finishes. Small wonder then that ASAP stands for Advanced Streaming and Protection.

Firefly is a service that Amazon launched along with the Fire Phone, allowing you to identify content like TV shows, movies, music and even physical objects by pointing the camera at them. Some consider Firefly to just be an interactive way to get into the Amazon store to make purchases, but that won’t stop you from being able to do so from your new Amazon tablet now.

Smart Suspend is a power management tool that will primarily work to turn off your WiFi when not in use. The Smart aspect is that it will learn from your usage habits and do what it can to turn WiFi off only when you are not using it, like at night. Of course, it will occasionally turn things back on to check for emails and the like, making sure it is up to date when you typically get up and at ’em in the morning. Allow me to shamelessly self-promote: check out our Android customization series for our tutorial to build your own WiFi controls using Tasker.

Amazon Fire Tablet Family

Amazon says that Fire OS 4 will be available on all 4th generation devices, including the new tablets that are already up for pre-order. 3rd generation devices should expect the update OTA later this year, or into 2015 for the Fire Phone.

Stay tuned for new Amazon tablet news, coming up next.

What aspect of Amazon’s Fire OS do you most hope has been updated in Fire OS 4?