In just a couple of days after the release of its highly anticipated Android tablet, Amazon has also released the source code for the Amazon Kindle Fire and is now available for download.

With the Kindle Fire running Android under the hood, Amazon must comply with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) licensing agreement to release its source code.  The news may not be relevant to the most casual users, seeing that they probably will buy Kindle Fire as a reading tool and for other consumer uses that Amazon intended it for.Instead, it will be the developers and modding community who want to set their eyes on the source code.  With it they can build a customized Kindle Fire OS with various adjustments such as user interfaces, background processes, and other features they deem requiring improvement. Perhaps CyanogenMod, a mod team that made a custom Android port for HP’s doomed TouchPad, will someday release its own flavor of the Kindle Fire operating system.

In the past, Amazon also made public the source code for its other reading devices including the Kindle Touch, Kindle DX, etc.

If you find yourself curious and inclined to experiment with the source code, you can download the 800-megabyte file from Amazon’s source code download page.

What tweaks would you make to the Kindle Fire source code?