Amazon has always been pretty reluctant about revealing its hardware sales numbers, let alone for a device that was just released, such as the Kindle Fire HD. One way to gauge its popularity is to look at the number of users that use the device to browse the web. This is where ad analytics from Chitika Insights come into play.

According to the firm, the Kindle Fire HD has already snagged 11% of all Kindle Fire web traffic, despite the fact that the tablet has only been on sale for about a week. The study was conducted between September 14 and September 18, during which the ad company analyzed hundreds of millions of web ad impressions coming from the Kindle Fire family. This suggests that the Kindle Fire HD is off to a better start than the original Fire.

Comparing the Kindle Fire HD with the Nexus 7, the tablet is still lagging behind Google’s flagship tablet offering, which holds a lion’s share of web traffic in U.S. and Canada with 68.5%. The Kindle Fire has a 27.9% share, while the HD only accounts for 3.5%.

It remains to be seen whether the Kindle Fire HD will be able to dominate holiday sales like its predecessor did. Aside from the Nexus 7, customers also have more affordable tablet options, like the Kobo Arc (16GB for $199), and the recently introduced Nook HD from Barnes & Noble.