Wondering why there wasn’t any Black Friday deal on the 2012 Kindle Fire in the U.S. like what the Brits are enjoying? It’s probably because Amazon is looking to surprise you with its Cyber Monday promotion instead.

If you’ve been eyeing on the revamped Kindle Fire since it was introduced back in September, now here’s your chance to grab one at a discount. For today only, Amazon is selling the ads-supported tablet for $129. You’re looking at a $30 saving here, money you can use to get some accessories for the tab or other goodies.

You’ll get the same $30 discount if you opt for the new Kindle Fire without the lock screen ads, which means you’ll be paying $144 instead of $174 for it.

All you have to do is enter FIREDEAL in the promo code box at checkout. And you’ll have your discounted 2012 Kindle Fire shipped to your doorstep in a day. As mentioned, the deal only runs until the end of the day and is only valid for one purchase per customer.

Are you going to make the best of the Kindle Fire, umm, fire sale?

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