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New Amazon ad just about confirms new backlit e-reader and a tablet duo (video)

We’ve just reported on the supposedly rock-solid rumor of a Kindle phone to be unveiled later today, and now we have some interesting hints about Amazon’s fresh new tablet(s) and e-reader.
September 6, 2012

We are only hours away from Amazon’s special unveiling event in Santa Monica, and the rumors are piling up on exactly what will be on display later today. The Kindle makers have done a good job in keeping the mystery surrounding the new gadgets, with most “leaks” and speculations from the last few weeks contradicting one another.

But you can’t have real buzz without letting something slip, so Amazon has decided to finally throw us a bone or two. We’ve just reported on The Verge‘s supposedly rock-solid rumor of a Kindle phone to be unveiled later today, and now we have some interesting hints about Amazon’s fresh new tablet(s) and e-reader.

A “something new” commercial aired in the US during the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants football game, and, although it doesn’t exactly spell it out for us, it confirms a thing or two. You can clearly see a  new backlit E Ink Kindle reader in the blurry clip at the end of our post, so our speculations from late August will most likely prove inaccurate.

That’s not a major surprise though, because other more recent rumors pointed towards the featuring of a “Paperwhite” display on the new Kindle e-reader, and the device briefly shown in today’s ad seems to fit the bill.

Now for the juiciest part of the commercial. How many Fire 2 tablets will be unveiled and what sizes will it (they) be? Unfortunately, we still don’t have a definitive answer to that question, but if we were to make a bet right now it would definitely be on one 7-incher and one 10-incher.

A 7-inch tablet is prominently showed in the video clip, although it doesn’t look very different from the first-generation Kindle Fire, so it could well be that. But what would be the point? There wouldn’t be one, so we’re guessing that’s in fact the new 7-inch Kindle Fire 2, which will probably be a slightly tweaked version of the original Fire.

A seemingly larger slate can also be very briefly spotted right at the end of the TV ad, in the hands of a woman comfortably sitting in a hammock and watching a video. The tab is shot from a distance (I wonder why…), so we can’t be sure it’s a 10-incher, but we’re ready to bet is not a 7-incher either.

There you have it, folks. Yet another proof that Amazon is gearing towards the launch of a new 7-inch tablet and a 10-incher aside from a brand new and improved e-reader. Now, if that doesn’t make you excited about the special event set to happen later today I don’t know what can…

If you are excited, be sure to tune in to our website around 10:30 AM PDT (that’s 1:30 PM EST), when we’ll be bringing you all the hot news about the new Kindles straight from Santa Monica.