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Amazon has been trying to expand more and more lately, rolling out all types of Kindle-related features and services to regions that are outside the U.S. Just a few months ago, it launched the Kindle ebook store in India. And it also opened the doors to its App store in some parts of Europe.

In its latest move, Amazon has launched the Kindle ebook store in China, allowing users of Chinese iOS and Android apps to download and enjoy reading books of their own choosing whenever they like. There’s nothing new about this particular ebook store, as it’s supposed to work in the exact same way as the one that’s already available in the U.S. and other locations. But it has helped sparked an interesting rumor.

Amazon Kindle

Now that it already has a China-based version of the Kindle ebook store, there is speculation that Amazon might be gearing up to release its Kindle devices in China soon. Amazon has so far declined to comment but a Reuters report confirms it.

Currently, the Chinese market is dominated by the Shandy Cloudary Bambook and ebook readers from an outfit called Hanwang Technology. So if Amazon proceeds to launch its devices in China indeed, it will be fighting an uphill battle.

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