To all the Kindle doubters beware Amazon’s Kindle family is here to stay. This morning Amazon announced that they have had the best holiday sale season ever, selling over one million Kindle devices per week throughout the month of December, so that is over four million devices that Amazon has sold in just thirty days. The top seller of the Kindle Family? The Kindle Fire of course, who else would it be. I must say when the Kindle Fire first came out about 13 weeks ago I was pretty doubtful, but with the price and the specs that come with that price it’s a pretty nice deal.

So if Kindle had an awesome Holiday season, then eBook authors must have had one too right? Of course, that is the main purpose of the Kindle’s. Amazon also stated that their best selling book and number 4 on their bestsellers list of 2011 were published independently from Kindle Direct Publishing -the retailer’s portal for independent publishing of books.

Congratulations to Amazon for achieving such a great accomplishment. Personally I can’t wait to see what Amazon does in 2012 with their Kindle line, and perhaps a refresh of the Kindle line? Maybe a newer Kindle Fire with higher specifications? What do you expect to see from Amazon and their Kindle devices in the coming year? Let us know in the comments.