Kindle Redesign

The Amazon Kindle app has never looked bad… its just never been impressive. That’s all changed, and the new design suggests quite a shift in thinking over at Amazon. We recently told you all about their interesting strategy for coming out ahead, and this flies in the face of that a bit.

Today, Amazon changed it up for their Kindle app. It looks quite a bit better, and is a touch more intuitive for users. Here’s the quick rundown of what’s new for 4.0:

  • Redesigned library experience
  • Carousel displays recent items on the home screen
  • Redesigned naviagtion panel
  • Browse all items, both cloud and local content
  • Explore and download samples

The most startling difference is the UI. It has become more gesture based, with the double-carousel on the home screen. The top is your content, both in the cloud and device, and the bottom is recommendations. A pretty brilliant scheme, really.

The menu is also much better, and adds a level of ease not seen in previous iterations. The addition of popular samples is a great way to see what’s popular, and get a quick taste to see if you’ll enjoy it or not. The layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, without being too fussy or complex.

Of course, the redesign smacks of HOLO, which is Android’s language for keeping things feeling pretty similar across the board. This is a different strategy for Amazon, which has always been keen to do their own thing, on their own time, in their own way. It’s a really smart move, and moves them a bit closer to the Android way of thinking.

The Kindle app is available in the Play Store now. If you already have the app, it should update shortly, if you haven’t seen it already. If you do have it, tell us what you think!