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Amazon inviting select customers to give Amazon Fire TV a try, free for 30-days

Amazon is now extending an invitation to select customers, giving them the opportunity to try out the Fire TV absolutely free for 30-days.
May 22, 2014
Early last month Amazon unveiled its long-rumored set-top box, the Amazon Fire TV. In that time, it’s managed to sell reasonably well in large part due to the fact that it has much more oomph under the hood than most of its competitors like Roku and even the Chromecast. The Amazon Fire TV also has the advantage of gaming support, and more recently is starting to see some HBO shows through Amazon Prime as well.

If you’ve been at all tempted by Amazon’s set-top box, Amazon wants you to give it a try, no strings attached. Well, no strings attached as long as you were invited to the party in the first place. Apparently Amazon is extending a 30-trial invitation by email to select Amazon customers allowing them to receive the streaming box without spending a cent up front. While the rules don’t officially state it, we imagine this offer is only being sent out to Amazon Prime members in good standing.

After 30-days, you can either return the device or keep it. If you keep it, they’ll simply bill the card you have on file. Now honestly, this isn’t much different than Amazon’s standard return policy other than you’d normally have to pay up front and could instead get a refund if you’re not satisfied after roughly 30 days of use. Still, this is a nice promo for those that are curious but not willing to lay down any money to give Fire TV a try.

Anyone receive this email yet? If so, plan on taking advantage of the offer?