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Amazon Fire TV topples Chromecast as Amazon’s best seller

Just a week after its launch, the new Amazon Fire TV has replaced Google's Chromecast at the top of Amazon's bestsellers list in the Electronics department.
April 8, 2014

Well that didn’t take long, the Amazon Fire TV already sits at the top spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in the electronics category, having only just launched last week.

The Fire TV has already displaced the hugely popular Google Chromecast, which had previously booted Amazon’s own Kindle off the top spot shortly after its own launch. Amazon has never explained exactly how it calculates a products popularity, but it seems that the data must only take into account short term trends for the Fire TV to rise so fast.

Much like everyone else, we have been trying to figure out which of the two devices is the best deal. After much debate, it’s not hard to see why Amazon’s device is proving to be so popular, considering all of the Fire TV’s additional features. Not to mention that Amazon has a massive advertisement up on its homepage too.

Amazon Fire TV Best Seller

If you’ve resisted temptation so far, the Amazon Fire TV is available for $99 and still appears to be in stock.

Are you surprised by the Fire TV’s shot to popularity?