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As we’ve discussed when comparing the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD against the Google Nexus 7, as well as when we talked about how well Amazon and Google are prepared for a potential Microsoft Windows 8 commercial success in the tablet world, Amazon and Google are actively chasing each other in various markets and fields. It’s quite an interesting dispute to watch, really!

Today it is Amazon’s turn to one up on the search giant, as it has released its Cloud Player in the UK, Germany and France, countries that are included in the Amazon Kindle Fire European rollout. If we’re to put this in context with the recent Amazon Appstore release in a slew of European countries, the Cloud Player is likely to shortly arrive in Spain and Italy as well. The ultimate purpose is likely to be a global rollout, but it looks like Amazon is playing its cards in just a few countries at a time.

So where does Google sit in all this? Well, given that the Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music are roughly the same thing: cloud-based lockers for your music, Amazon is one step ahead of Google since the latter has released its successful Google Nexus 7 tablet in Europe without support for Google Music (Magazines and Movies from Google Play are also unavailable outside the USA). Google is bound to release Google Music in Europe in the following months, but for each week that Amazon has a better offering, the Kindle Fire HD might gain inertia on the first ever Google tablet.

Back to the Amazon Cloud Player, there are few things you should be aware of, such as the fact that Amazon will store up to 250 tracks for free, with extra space for 250,000 tracks available at $24.99 per year. As all tracks purchased from Amazon will be automatically stored in Amazon’s Cloud Player, Amazon is also offering a promotional code for album downloads at just under a British pound. To take advantage of it, enter CLOUD99p when purchasing an album from the Amazon Cloud Player

Stay tuned: the ongoing battle between Google and Amazon is bound to continue its intensification. As always, we’ll be here to report on each move these big players make.

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