With Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE still stuck in a legal limbo, we wouldn’t blame impatient customers for glancing in AT&T’s direction, at the delectable HTC One X. Of course, the import banned affected HTC’s version of the One X too, but it seems that at least some units made it into the country before the ban was enforced. The One X is out of stock on AT&T’s site, but you can still get it from other retailers, and at a great price too.

We are talking about Amazon, the online retail giant that has long been the savior of those who crave new smartphones at discounted prices. When the HTC One X first came out, Amazon had it for $179.99. Now, the online retailer has the HTC One X priced at a convenient $129.99.

Amazon’s current offer is $70 cheaper than buying the phone from AT&T directly. What’s even better, the deal is valid for both new customers and for those who are already on a contract with the carrier and want to upgrade their phone.

Both the gray and the white versions of the HTC One X are available for purchase on Amazon Wireless. The gray version is in stock and will be shipped out in 24 hours, but the white version would only be delivered in 1 – 3 weeks (something to do with the ban, maybe?)

It looks like the white HTC One X, which had its moment in the TV sun during a recent American Idol episode, is the more popular choice amongst the two. You may want to head to Amazon before the offer expires!

Are you tempted to get the HTC One X, now that it’s been heavily discounted?