If you haven’t experienced it yet, the Amazon App Store is looking to give the traditional Android Market some stiff competition. The wide selection and the Amazon customer experience are a great combination – so much so that you can’t imagine just how it can get better.

Well, it just did! The Amazon App Store has just rolled out a new update for its popular store. Upping the version number to version 1.15, this update tweaks quite a few things that weren’t quite perfect and this should be a treat for both buyers and developers alike.

So what gets added. Here’s a peek the change log:

  • New Feature: Search initiation has been improved
  • New Feature: Better compatibility checks for apps
  • New Feature: Customer feedback interface has been improved
  • Fixed features: Bug in customer reviews removed
  • Fixed features: Occasional installation failure on Android 1.6 fixed
  • Fixed features: Purchase rotation error fixed
  • Fixed features: No more forced close on repeat taps on the refine button
  • Fixed features: Search box bug remove
  • Overall stability improvements for better speed and processing

As you can see, that’s quite a few things that have been fixed. Amazon took a beating over problems with their feedback process and app compatibility checking recently – so they’ve obviously tried to remedy that. Getting this update should be easy. It’s automatic – but if you don’t see it updating, you can initiate a manual update by opening up your app and checking manually.

So better check it now and see how much has been improved.

Source: Android Central

Aerol Bibat
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