I’m not going to go into the whole “innovation vs imitation” debacle, as many have surely already bored you with such analogies, but I can’t help noticing that all the major players in the mobile hardware market constantly imitate their competitor’s moves. Let’s be honest: who can say that Google did not imitate Amazon’s Kindle Fire business model with their Google Nexus 7 budget tablet? Fortunately, imitation can work both ways, as Amazon is apparently preparing to demonstrate by releasing the second generation Kindle Fire tablet in several European countries.

While the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 won’t be officially announced until September 6th (Amazon has a big press conference scheduled for that date and we’d be surprised if the Kindle Fire 2 wouldn’t rear its budget-friendly head), the company has already launched its Android Appstore in several important European markets such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In the UK, Amazon opted to go for the “Amazon Appstore for Android” name (the same name it uses in the US), in Germany, France and Italy, the Appstore will be called the “App-Shop”, while the Spanish version is called the “Tienda Apps”. From the looks of it, the European versions of the Amazon Appstore won’t suffer any changes compared to the US version.

While the launch of an App Store isn’t the biggest news, it is an obvious sign that the Kindle Fire 2 will be launched in these European countries as well (probably alongside a new generation of Amazon E-Readers). As many of you already know, the original Amazon Kindle Fire was launched only in North America. Google will soon be available in Germany, France and Spain (alongside the UK, US and Canada), and it looks like Amazon is aiming for a head-on Kindle Fire 2 vs Google Nexus 7 collision around the globe.

The playground is now a whole lot bigger for these two major players, and with Apple rumored to release its iPad Mini at some point in October, it looks like the competition can only grow stiffer from now on. And that, my friends, is the best thing that can happen from an end-user perspective!

What are your thoughts on this? Can Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 stop the juggernaut that the Nexus 7 is shaping up to be? Let us know what you make out of this situation in the comment section below!

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