Amazon AppStore In June, Amazon opened up their app store to Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Today, the company announced they are bringing their successful Google Play alternative to Japan as well. While the official launch date for the Japanese version of the AppStore has yet to be revealed, the company has made it clear that the release will be this year. Considering the year is almost over, it could happen any time.

Developers that are interested in the platform are now free to submit their apps for approval through Amazon’s Mobile App Distribution Portal. Android developers are also free to use all existing tools  and services., this includes the Amazon’s GameCircle service. Once Amazon launches in Japan, they will release the approved apps alongside other localized promotions and content including their “Free App of the Day” program and one-click payment features.

Several developers have already confirmed that they plan to bring versions of their apps to the Japanese market. Some of the companies included in this list are ZeptoLab, Halfbrick Studios and the Weather Channel. More than likely the list of developers will continue to expand in the following months.

Amazon has done very well in the U.S. market. Bringing its store — and even its Kindle products — overseas is just the next logical step forward. Extensive options outside of Google Play is just one of the reasons why Android is so popular. Any our readers in Japan interested in Amazon’s AppStore?

Andrew Grush
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