Just yesterday Amazon let the cat out of the bag when it comes to its week-long holiday promotion, which includes deep discounts and plenty of free apps. As a reminder, today’s also the day that Amazon kicks off its $5 credit promotion.

Simply put, between now and December 28th you can download any (free or premium) app from the Amazon AppStore and Amazon will give you a $5 credit that you can use to buy other premium apps and even in-app purchases. The only catch is you need the latest version of the AppStore for Android.

Why would Amazon give away $5 in credit? The idea is that this will bring new customers to its AppStore, which could led to repeat business in the future. It remains unseen whether this strategy will work or not, but it’s still hard to say no to free stuff.

For more details on the $5 credit offer, you’ll want to head on over to Amazon’s website.

Andrew Grush
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