Why does Godzilla usually attack Tokyo instead of any other city in the world? We don’t really know. But what we’re sure of is that there’s a something else reaching the shores of the land of the rising sun, and that’s Amazon’s AppStore. Amazon is doing its seventh AppStore launch, and the sixth outside of the U.S., following Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

This launch comes alongside the news that Amazon is likewise launching the Kindle Fire in Japan, with shipments starting on the third week (December 19th to be exact) — just in time for the holiday rush. Amazon’s Japan AppSore will feature the same basic functionality as with other markets, offering an alternative app marketplace to the Google Play Store. Of course, we can expect some localization of content, and also some features similar to other markets like Free App of the Day.

Apart from the AppStore and Kindle Fire, Amazon is also bringing its cloud services to the Japanese market, notably Cloud Drive, which will be offered free up to 5GB, and with consumer plans startig at JPY 800 (around US$ 130) per year for  20GB, which is similar to pricing schemes in other regions.

Japan is, of course, home to several high-profile mobile brands like Sony, mobile gaming platform and developer GREE, as well as Softbank, which is acquiring American telco Sprint. With Amazon’s launch of its app ecosystem and tablet in the country, Android lovers from far east will have yet another platform to enjoy.

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