Recently, everyone’s been talking about Amazon’s planned line of Android tablets. Being one of the world’s biggest companies, and arguably one of the best-positioned to introduced a new product to a market, there are a lot of rumors flying around about what exactly these tablets will bring to the table. After all, the tablet market is currently one of the most crowded places for a product to be nowadays. However, Amazon’s already available offering, the Kindle, may offer a hint.

What Amazon did with the Kindle was provide a ready-made source for digital items that you can use on it, namely e-books. With the recent opening of the Amazon Appstore – an app store dedicated to the Android platform – the company seems to be aiming for a similar strategy. But rumors are pointing to another addition: free access to Amazon MP3 and Amazon Instant Video services.


Although no official word has been said about the Amazon tablet line, sources are mentioning that one of the initial tablet offerings is code-named “Hollywood”. Supposedly packing a 10-inch color display and set for a holiday launch this year, it will also provide access the company’s movie streaming service for free at launch. As for the Amazon MP3 digital music store, it already sells to a number of Android smartphones and tablets and it’ll be easy to integrate it.

This could be a good thing for Amazon. Right now, their only competition in the video-streaming game is Netflix, which offers subscribers TV and movie streams for $7.99 a month – and that’s for phones. If Amazon does it for Android tablet – which are better set-up for video viewing – then they’ve got a winner on their hands.

Source: Liliputing

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