We seen a handful of dedicated Android game consoles come and go around these parts, and some of them are still going. But what kind of future lies ahead of those who plan to keep making these kinds of devices? We’re not sure what exactly, but if a recent report from Game Informer has it right, then online retail giant Amazon just might be among those who will find out.

According to unnamed sources being cited in the above-mentioned report, Amazon is currently developing an Android-powered game console that could likely get released by the end of this year. It might be among the many pieces of interesting electronics that will be sold to Americans during Black Friday, says the report.

Amazon has so far kept mum about the possibility of them making a dedicated Android game console, and as you might have guessed, that doesn’t help make things any clearer — not at all. It is said that this rumored game console will have its own controller, and it will leverage the titles that are already available on the Amazon platform.

Will it take advantage of the Amazon GameCircle? What will happen to other Android-based Amazon products like the Kindle Fire tablets when it gets released? Will smaller outfits like the makers of the Ouya and GamePop be able to hold up? All but the last one of those three questions can easily be answered with a, “yes.” We’ll give you more as this story develops.

David Gonzales
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