Amazon App Store China

Amazon has just successfully launched its very own Android app store in China, wherein Android users may download as many free apps as they want as well as all of the paid apps that they can afford. Amazon was able to beat Google to the punch and has now become the first Western tech company to provide an official source of both free and paid apps for Android users in China, Reuters reports.

Compared with Google’s own official source of apps for Android in China, where only free apps are available at the moment, Amazon’s has a much bigger pool of downloadables. In fact, the online retail giant is currently urging developers to start offering their own apps through its new app store. That is, as long as they agree to let Amazon keep 30% of all app sales, of course.

Right now, Amazon China features a prominent banner on the front page that tells users about the news of the newly launched app store. Clicking on it brings one to a page with instructions for installing the app itself, both for tablets and for smartphones.

Though it managed to launch its own Android app store before even Google itself was able to do so, Amazon still has to deal with a number of China-based rivals. Is it too late for Google to catch up? Not likely, but Amazon getting involved like this can only make things that much harder for Google when it comes to conquering the China mobile market.

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