amazon air patriots

As if its venture into Facebook gaming this summer was not enough, Amazon Game Studio has released its first mobile game, a free-to-play strategy game named Air Patriots.

Now available on Google Play, Amazon’s App store and on the iOS App Store, Air Patriots seems to take a detour from traditional tower defense games like Fieldrunners 2.

In Air Patriot, players have at their disposal mobile planes, as opposed to stationary turrets. Kindle Fire owners will enjoy the game more, as it makes use of the GameCircle social platform for stuff like achievements and high scores, and the Whispersync for Games capability that allows the sharing of saved games across devices.

The possibility to alter a plane’s course while on flight provide Air Patriot players a more flexible and dynamic gameplay. If you find that your units are on the wrong path, all you have to do is literally redraw your planes’ flight paths and focus your firepower to other bases.

The dynamic nature of Air Patriots provides players with enough challenges to keep them hooked, long after the novelty of the gameplay wears off.

Will you try Air Patriots? What do you think of Amazon’s first effort in mobile gaming?

David Gitonga
An avid reader and learner, David is an IT guru specializing in technology-related topics. He helps small businesses adopt and leverage tools that enable them to compete effectively in the online space.