Good news, budget Android tablet watchers – we’ve just received word, via the FCC, that some super-budget Android tablets are coming stateside, and soon! We’re quite excited about these Archos tablets, and and we think you should be too. I mean first off, they’re going to cost $99 bucks. Set to receive reisistive screens, and falling under the Archos family tree of Android tablet-dom, they look to be the perfect thing to throw in the back of the car for the kids.

Specs & Features

The Arnova 7 has a resistive 800 x 480 display, Android 2.2 on board, and is 12mm thin. It weighs 340g, and will only cost $99. Additionally, the Arnova 84 is similarly another 4:3 device, but is just an e-reader, rather than a straight-up, old fashioned, Android tablet. It will run Android 2.1 and have an 800 x 480 display. Still, it’s equally cheap, at only $129. Thankfully, both tablets have Wi-Fi and micro SDHC card slots.

Archos is aggressively targeting the budget Android tablet space, and looks well positioned to grab some serious market-share. Truth be told, no other company has as much experience producing budget Android tablets as Archos. If you’re budget savvy like us, and wanna find out more about these – there’s no one more passionate about Archos devices than good ‘ol Charbax out of He’s all over it, folks.

How low can they go? Will we see a tablet for $75 or even $50 in the next few years?

Sure, these tablets won’t break any benchmarks, nor will they receive acclaim for their amazing screens, or for the fact that they have the latest version of Android Honeycomb 3.1 on them. These tablets are likely to be appreciated by straight up information junkies, RSS lovers, and email users. While the Archos 7 will – technically – be able to play Flash, and will also be able to handle the occasional Android game, they are likely to be given to younger kids for silencing on the way to Gramma’s house. Like others, we’re curious to see what Archos can offer us at the $200 price point. I mean, if they can actually make tablets and sell them for $99 bucks, then i’d hate to see what they can do with $200 or even $300. Apparently though, they’ve got some slightly more expensive, capacitive screen packing, Gingerbread goodness toting tablets coming soon, with faster Rockchip processors – so stay tuned, and drop into the expert on Archos – good ‘ol passionate Charbax at Any thoughts on these budget-oriented bad boys?

Website: Arnova (Arnova 7Arnova 84)

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