Garmin has a well-established name built on the various applications of GPS technology they have come up with. Remember those days when people were still using PDAs? Garmin was already there with their Mobile 10 mapping software. Now that smartphones are the more prevalent mobile device, they are still at it with a few apps designed for the Android platform. This company by the way mainly manufactures GPS gadgets and so some of the apps presented here would require purchase of their specialized hardware.

Garmin Tracker

To make use of this free app, you’re first going to need a Garmin tracking device. After you register and activate that little gadget, you can then tell your child to bring it along, attach it to your dog’s collar or put in your car. You then use the app on your Android phone to view a map that shows exactly where any of them are and it will even give you directions to reach their location.

This app also allows you to set geofences which are virtual boundaries you draw on the map. You then can set the program to send you notifications whenever the tracking device enters or leaves the boundary.

Garmin Fit

The GPS aspect of this app is that it shows the route you’ve traveled in a walking, running or cycling session. The program however really works more as a training tool for those endurance sports as it will also monitor current speed, total distance reached, and even the amount of calories you’ve burned during the exercise.

Garmin Mechanic

The ecoRoute HD module is Garmin’s automotive add-on device that connects directly to your car’s system of gauges and other engine and performance monitors. The app meanwhile provides the UI on your Android so you can get a clear diagnosis of vehicle status. You can get real-time data such as RPM, approximate power and torque, intake pressure, and battery voltage. Besides enabling you to accurately compute your mileage, you can also use the app to set up maintenance schedules.


Geocaching is a game much like letterboxing except with GPS and is one of several communities that have formed around this recreational activity. This is the community’s official app and it provides all the necessary mapping tools to participate. That includes a compass view for searching out geocaches, filtering through the list, reading hints and descriptions, marking which ones are your favorites, and notifying the community of the ones you’ve found.

You can find other navigation and mapping apps from Garmin on the Market such as Navigator and Voice Studio. These two programs however have more specific limitations. The Navigator for example is only available in Australia as it is only meant for Telstra Android devices. Meanwhile Voice Studio, which basically enables you to record voice instructions for directions, works better with Garmin compatible navigational devices.

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