If you grew up during the 8-bit or 16-bit gaming era, you probably have quite a few found memories of various platformer games from Alex Kidd to Mario, or perhaps Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Looking for something that is retro-styled and yet still brings something new to the table? You might want to check out AlterEgo: Dreamwalker.

This unique platformer is the follow-up to the original AlterEgo, and is created by the one-man developer studio, RetroSouls. As you can see, the game features quite a few unusual characters and visuals, from what appear to be skeleton dogs, bats and jumping skulls. What really stands out is just how polished the game plays out. The mechanics are well-designed, the sound effects and music are excellent and very nostalgic, and there are quite a few levels as well.

What’s with the name AlterEgo? The name has to do with a unique gameplay mechanic, where you are basically followed by a doppelganger of your character that follows you on the opposite side of the playing screen. There are times when you can instantly switch places with your doppelganger, allowing you to reach areas that normally would be off limits.

It might sound a bit confusing but check out the video and see for yourself and it will all make sense.

If AlterEgo: DreamWalker looks like something you could see yourself playing, you can snag it now for just $.99 on Google Play.

Andrew Grush
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