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Alter - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Alter. This is a minimal unit conversion app that has what you need. If it doesn't, the developer has promised to try to add it!
October 2, 2014
Alter review

What is Alter?

Alter is a minimal unit conversion application. It boasts simplicity and a long list of unit conversions that include some more obscure ones. Perhaps the best part is that if there is a unit conversion that isn’t there and you want it there, you can tell the developer and the developer will try to add it.

The interface is pretty simple. There is a menu with the various unit conversions. You pick the converter that you want and then the next screen will be a simple screen where you can pick what you’re converting from, what you’re converting to, and any other additional info you need to select if need be. There isn’t anything else and that’s part of Alter’s charm.

In our testing the conversions were accurate and we couldn’t find an instance where the app didn’t work appropriately. It features over two dozen converters and each converter has a number of different options. You can find the basic stuff like area, metric, or angle. You can also find some more obscure stuff like gas consumption and magnetic flux. There aren’t things like currency present so we’re assuming this converter is meant more for academic purposes than general use. It still would’ve been nice to see.

Alter review
Overall, this is a useful little app. It is totally free with no in app purchases. It doesn’t have a lot of regular consumer features but this is a really good app to have for college students who are taking math or physics courses.