Due to the increased number of mobile employees in the workplace, obtaining a compliance in Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has turned into a rife contractor concern. This is why TSheets was created to help these contractors make the most out of their mobile employees. TSheets is a web-based time tracking, managementand reporting SaaS tool which offers a cost-effective answer with Android users to be DCAA compliant.

“We have built mobile applications and tools that make it beautifully simple to use our software and stay compliant, from employees to supervisors, track and manage timekeeping on the go,” TSheets’ CEO, Matt Rissell, says. “Our secure web-based solution means no downtime and no expensive modules, no slow, clunky software, and you receive the benefits of instant updates instead of time-consuming installs.”

Through the use of TSheets, contractors get to have real-time tracking data against certain projects or job codes. In addition, there is an audit trail for daily time entries, including corrections, approvals, and any adjustments. In the case of an audit, the feature provides an immediate and flexible reporting feature. Apart from this, TSheets goes the extra mile by allowing mobile communication with employees for tracking time through the use of SMS messages, an internet browser, or even integration with Twitter.

To verify its authenticity and effectiveness, the time keeping technology used in TSheets has been reviewed and validated by an independent DCAA compliance consulting firm, known as Mike McNew and Associates.

“Most timekeeping companies offer expensive and complicated modules to be DCAA compliant, but that really only complicates the day-to-day tracking, management and reporting it takes to protect against audits in the real world,”  Mike McNew, the head of the independent DCAA compliance consulting firm, said. “TSheets is different. It’s point-and-click-easy for supervisors and employees to use and understand, while providing the pinpoint accuracy, record keeping detail and audit trail the government requires.”


Truly this gives more than enough reason why the business sector should join in the revolution of iOS and Android smartphone users. With this new technology, businessmen are no longer limited to using a BlackBerry.