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Another weekend, another update to the popular AllCast, from CM developer Koushik Dutta. In version of AllCast beta, Koush added a feature that was often requested by users – subtitle support for Chromecast when streaming from a media server such Plex or Serviio. In other words, users who watch foreign language movies with subtitles (.srt, .sub, etc.) can finally enjoy them on the big screen using the Chromecast.

Another new feature coming is the ability to stream from your Dropbox folder. The only requirement is to have the Dropbox app installed and logged in. This feature means you can keep your media files in the Dropbox cloud, and stream it from anywhere to the Chromecast.

Both of these features are coming to the beta version of AllCast first. But the update also brings changes to non-beta users: letterboxing is now a more pleasant black instead of gray, and Roku playback was improved with the ability to fast forward and rewind.

Check AllCast out in the Play Store.

Bogdan Petrovan
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