allcast receiver

Koushik Dutta’s AllCast lets you stream media to several devices, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, but with the new AllCast Receiver companion app, compatibility extends to just about any Android device.

Installing AllCast Receiver on an Android device makes it visible in AllCast’s list of compatible devices, allowing you to stream content to regular Android smartphones or tablets. What’s more, you can install AllCast Receiver on devices like Amazon’s Kindle tablets, Ouya, any Android-powered stick like the Favi or Dell Wyse, and even Google TV devices. You can even use it with Koush’s Mirror app to mirror your device, video and audio.

AllCast Receiver is somehow similar to CheapCast, a now defunct app that spoofed a Chromecast to let you stream media to any Android device. Developer Sebastian Mauer recently removed CheapCast from the Play Store after Google introduced mechanisms to limit casting to the Chromecast and other approved devices, leaving users scrambling for alternatives. AllCast Receiver is different, as it doesn’t simulate a Chromecast, it simply receives AllCast’s stream.

AllCast Receiver is free in the Play Store, as it is the trial version of the AllCast app that has a one minute viewing limit on movies and pictures. The full version, AllCast Premium, is $4.99.

Bogdan Petrovan

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