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Alive Wallpaper: first Android app that offers high definition video wallpapers

June 22, 2012
alive wallpaper video wallpaper android

Most Android fans know that Google’s OS is the only mobile OS that currently supports Live wallpapers, although on a personal level, I’m not exactly sure that a GIF-like background for your smartphone is worth all the hype that surrounds this particular feature. However, an exciting new app from UK developer Jack Hunter, plans to make live wallpapers a thing of the past. Hunter’s app will actually make your wallpaper come alive, hence the name of the app: Alive Wallpapers.

According to its developer, Alive Wallpaper is the first app that allows you to run video backgrounds behind your homescreen icons. While there have been other apps who imitated this functionality by cycling trough pictures to create the impression of video (much like early days cartoons), Alive Wallpaper is the first app to actually run high definition videos in the background of your homescreen.

15 video wallpapers come bundled with the app and focus on nature themes, such as oceans, snow and forests. The obvious battery life questions have been largely resolved, by detecting when the smartphone is inactive (or when running a full-screen app) and automatically stopping the video background until you go back to the home screen. Hunter claims that tests were unable to tell the difference in battery life between using still wallpapers and video wallpapers, although I’m sure some differences are bound to exist.

The Alive Wallpaper app should run smoothly on most Android devices. The devs made sure that devices with low amounts of RAM memory will still be able to download the app, although the video wallpaper will not mount on the home screen.

The Alive Wallpaper is now exclusively available from Google’s Play Store and is free to download for a limited period. But don’t worry; there’s still enough time to read Jack Hunter’s unique presentation of the app before downloading it on your smartphone:

“Most people would rather be lying in a mountain meadow than stuck in the office. This app isn’t going to get you to the Rockies, but it certainly brings life to your phone or tablet. The good news is it won’t drain the battery any more than a static wallpaper and it won’t slow things down.”

What do you guys think? Really cool app? Or as useless as they come? Drop us a line in the comment section below and share a thought!