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Developer Appxplore launches Alien Hive on the Google Play Store

Are you looking for a fun and casual game to play this weekend? Well, developer Appxplore has just launched a Bejeweled-like game, Alien Hive, on the Google Play Store
March 23, 2013

Appxplore, a developer well known for a game called Sporos, has release a new game this week, Alien Hive.

Alien Hive may, at first, look like another Bejewled clone, but don’t let that be a turn-off, as the developer has incorporated some very unique features in the game, which, as Android Police notes, puts an interesting twist on the genre.

In Alien Hive, just like you would slide three jewels together in Bejewled, you slide three alien seeds and eggs together. This results in evolving alien life, which you have to do more and more to create an advanced being without running out of energy.

Focusing on developing alien life isn’t the only thing you’re going to have to worry about though. Robots will notch up the difficulty level of Alien Hive a bit when they begin to steal your evolving aliens, which you have to fend off with the variety of powerups you’re given. The powerups are a nice addition to the game, but the items, like blasters and worm holes, are what you would expect from any alien-themed game.

While Alien Hive may be hard during the first few levels, players should be able to ease into the concept of the game rather quickly with a helpful set of introductory lessons. Alien Hive is a casual game, so players will be able to learn and move through levels at their own pace.

The game is currently available for free in the Google Play Store, but it is ad supported. If your interest is peaked, make sure to hit the source link below!