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Amazon Echo devices are known for their distinct Alexa ring colors. These look very cool in the dark, but their purpose expands beyond cool aesthetics. Knowing the meaning behind ring colors is fundamental for interacting with the device. Those still wondering what each color means have come to the right place, as we are here to clear all your doubts.

Blue Alexa ring color

Echo Studio volume and alexa controls

Blue is the ring color you will see most often. Amazon Echo devices emit a spinning blue ring when they are powered on. The device will also display a blue ring when listening. In addition, a lighter tone of blue will point towards the direction of the person who woke the smart speaker.

Once the user asks a question or requests an action, the Blue Alexa ring color will alternate between blue and light blue. You may also see a spinning blue light that ends in a purple flash. This indicates Do Not Disturb has been activated.

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White Alexa ring color

Amazon Echo devices use a white Alexa ring color to display volume levels. If the volume is set to 100%, the whole Alexa ring will be white. If it’s at 50%, only half will be lit. You get the idea. If you ever see a spinning white color, this means Alexa Guard is on Away Mode.

Orange Alexa ring color

When connecting to your network, the color will turn orange and start spinning.

Purple Alexa ring color

A purple Alexa ring color is letting you know the device is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. You can check your router or look into the device settings using the Amazon Alexa app.

Green Alexa ring color

Lady talking on Amazon Echo Dot with green light onAmazon

The color will flash green when someone is calling you or Dropping In on your device. This will turn into a spinning green light during a call.

Yellow Alexa ring color

The Alexa ring color will pulsate in yellow when you have an unopened message. Just ask Alexa to check your notifications or play your messages to hear them.

Red Alexa ring color

Amazon Echo 2019 smart speaker buttons

The color will be solid red when the Amazon Echo device’s microphone has been turned off. This will also happen when you turn off the camera (if your device has one).

Lights off

When an Amazon Echo device has no lights on it means it is listening and ready for your orders. That or it’s unplugged.

Now you know what all Alexa ring colors mean! Go enjoy your Amazon Echo device at its fullest. You should also read our other Alexa content to learn how to make the most of your smart assistant.

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