CES 2013 got off to a raging start with a spectacular NVIDIA press conference revealing the company’s newest quad-core chip, the Shield gaming handheld and the Grid cloud system, but we knew all that’s going to be no more than a drop in the ocean compared with what’s coming.

And while most of the big guys involved in technology are most likely still expecting for NVIDIA’s unveilings to lose steam, a bunch of smaller companies are already on a roll. Alcatel for instance has taken the Vegas stage to intro a new line of 5-inch “phablets”, dubbed One Touch Scribe.

Part of the series are three big guys that seem to tick all boxes to become hugely popular, only you know… not at once. The most modest member of the Scribe family is the One Touch Scribe HD we already knew a thing or two about following a short leak/teaser from last week.


As we told you then, this is one of the least exciting quad-core phones to see daylight, being powered by MediaTek’s 6589 chip clocked at 1.2 GHz. That’s based on ARM’s old Cortex A7 architecture, so it’s light years behind CPUs with A9 cores (like NVIDIA’s Tegra 3), not to mention the A15-based Tegra 4.

The mediocre processor is paired with a rather uninspired 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution display and 1 GB of RAM, so the Scribe HD is not going to be a crowd-pleaser as far as specs go. Then again, Alcatel’s 5-incher might win points in the budget friendliness department, being expected to cost $400 off contract tops.

It’s also going to come with microSD support and a pretty hefty 2,500 mAh battery, so the quality-price ratio sounds just right.

The second phone unveiled by Alcatel at CES is the One Touch Scribe HD-LTE. This is somewhat wrapped in mystery, but judging by its name, it’s going to only add in some 4G LTE spices to Scribe’s recipe.


As for the third and last member of the Scribe line-up, that’s definitely going to be the head of the family. Dubbed One Touch Scribe X, this is powered by a snappier 1.4 GHz quad-core processor while sporting a 1080p Full HD display and a 12-megapixel rear-facing snapper.

The rest of the specs as well as the pricing are kept under wraps, but we think those of you who are on the search for a decently affordable phone with a 1080p panel should keep an eye on Alcatel in the following weeks or so.

No ETAs have been announced as of right now, but we suspect the Scribe HD and HD-LTE will be coming sometime in Q3 2013, while the X could undercut both and enjoy a Q2 launch. Finally, you should know that all three phones will be offered with optional capacitive styluses (hence the “Scribe” branding), so Samsung’s Galaxy Notes might have some (feeble) competition. Anyone excited?