alcatel one touch idol alphaAlcatel One Touch has revealed that it will showcase its new 4.7 inch smartphone – the Idol Alpha – at IFA in Berlin which opens to the public on Friday, September 6th. The Idol Alpha looks good on paper with its 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and its HD IPS screen but that isn’t what Alcatel are pushing, according to the company the phone’s design is taking them in a new direction. How you may ask – why by adding “exciting” curves of course!

The official fluff from the company talks about “unique and sleek design” and how the phone is “taking creativity and design in a new and unexpected direction.” But beyond the hyperbole there are some interesting things of note. First, the chassis of the Idol Alpha is made of aluminum and is only 7.5mm thick. Second, the phone has translucent edges, which illuminate in various modes such as charging, video, notifications, and so on. This second idea could turn out to look just like a cheap gimmick but if it is done properly it could be a neat feature.

The press photo probably doesn’t truly convey the unique design elements of the device, so we will need to wait for some more photos or even for some hands-on videos. Also details like the size of the camera, the name on the processor, pricing or availability haven’t yet been released. When we know more, so will you!

Gary Sims
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